Why do we need UV Water Sterilizer?

Why do we need UV Water Sterilizer?

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The function of the water purifier is to remove the heavy metals, sediment, organic pollutants, residual chlorine and other substances harmful to the human body that remain in the tap water through the filtration and adsorption of various filter elements; especially the reverse osmosis  system can filter 98% sediments in water. In this way, the water quality is improved and pure water can be obtained directly.

Why do we need to use a UV water sterilizer?

When using the water purifier, if you forget to replace the filter element on time, it is easy to cause secondary pollution and the growth and reproduction of bacteria. At the same time, the pipeline will inevitably be contaminated with bacteria after a long time. Therefore, adding an UV water sterilizer to the final of the water purifier can effectively kill the parasitic bacteria in the water, and at the same time ensure that the water coming out is sterile and fresh water.

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The principle of ultraviolet sterilization: ultraviolet light is a light wave that is invisible to the naked eye. It is irradiated by ultraviolet rays to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms to destroy the structure of DNA and RNA in the body, causing immediate death or loss of reproductive capacity, achieving rapid sterilization The effect does not need to add any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution to the water body and the surrounding environment, and does not change any components in the water.

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The advantage of ultraviolet sterilization technology is that it has a broad-spectrum sterilization ability. Generally, it can reach 99%-99.9% sterilization rate for bacteria and viruses within 0.2 seconds to 2 seconds, and can easily kill viruses, staphylococci, and coliforms. , Salmonella, Legionella (LEGIONELLA), Pneurnophila, Shigella and many other bacteria. Almost all bacteria and viruses can be killed efficiently. There is no need to worry about harmful bacteria in the water filtered by the water purifier. In addition, UV sterilization is pure and has no secondary pollution.

The above is why we need UV water sterilizer.

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