What are the strong points of Max-T?

What are the strong points of Max-T?

Postview: 2494       Date:January 13, 2021

Unique M-pleated 6-layer membrane construction provides(2 layers Polypropylene mesh+2 layers non-woven fabrics+2layers Polypropylene membranes)high filtration area up to 13.8m2


The flow rate is more higher than Max-A, maximum is 113m3/h.


Strengthened inner PP core for high mechanical strength



















All polypropylene material meets FDAregulations for food contact under CFR21 and CE standard


Housing option

Max-T High Flow FRP Cartridge System


We respond to market needs and requirements by paying attention to critical applications, cartridge filter care and protection.


It offers high quality, while offering lower capital investment and operating costs in a small footprint. Our innovative proprietary design allows for easy and fast maintenance for minimum downtime that ensure your systems run continuously.


(Brother Filtration FRP systems utilize performance engineered FRP housings designed for corrosion resistant that potentially reduce your capital start-up costs over typical steel vessels by up to 50%.)


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