Industrial UV Water Sterilizer

It’s the UV ray technology adapted to this system, no harmful chemicals need to be added. UV is an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine disinfection and has no disinfection byproducts.
It would take you less time on installation as the compact design and simple components. Water flows through the system without need for holding tank or reaction times.

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Ultraviolet ray is the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X-ray, and the ultraviolet spectrum between 200-400nm has a strong bactericidal effect. Among them, the absorption of ultraviolet ray by bacteria, virus and other organisms reaches the peak when the wavelength is 254nm.

At this point, ultraviolet rays act on the genetic material DNA of the organism, causing DNA damage, resulting in the death of bacteria, viruses and so on.


  • Maximum operating pressure: 8bar (116psi)
  • Ambient water temperature: 2-40℃ (36-1040F)
  • Iron < 0.3ppm (0.3mg/L)
  • Hardness < 7gpg (120mg/L)
  • Turbidity < 1NTU
  • UV transmittance > 75%


EFFECTIVE: 99.99% destruction of bacteria (such as Ecoli), viruses and protozoan cysts.

SAFE: No chemicals added to water and no danger of overdosing.

EASY: Simple installation. Audible and visual alarm if lamp fails.

ECONOMICAL: Low maintenance cost and easy servicing.


Model Flow rate Reactor In/outlet Package size Lamp
m³/hr GPM dimension port cm power
KSDB-110 5.4 24 950 × 108mm 1” female 102.5×22.4×42/1set 55w×2
KSDB-165 8.1 36 950 × 133mm 1.5” female 102.5×24.8×45/1set 55w×3
KSDB-220 10.9 48 950 × 133mm 1.5” female 102.5×24.8×45/1set 55w×4
KSDB-440 21.8 96 950 × 219mm 3” female 107.0×40.0×70/1set 55w×8
KSDB-550 27.2 120 950 × 275mm 4” female 109.0×48.0×80/1set 55w×10
KSDB-660 32.7 144 950 × 275mm 4” female 109.0×48.0×80/1set 55w×12


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