Brine Tank

A container for the dissolution of NaCl salt and brine. There are internal salt grate, salt well, salt well and salt valve. PE material is generally selected according to the amount of salt consumed for each regeneration of resin in the tank. The general requirement is that the amount of salt is not less than 6 times of regeneration.

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  • Due to conic body,brine tanks can be packed one in one to any height,which saves over 50% freight for the buyers.
  • For brine tanks 350~2000,each tank is designed with a small lid on a large cover.It is more convenient for user to put salt into the tank.
  • For brine tanks 350~2000,the salt pipe in the tank is extended upward to the top of the large cover,so that the effective capacity of the salt solution is increased by over 15%.
  • For new exterior design and precise mould,the quality of product has been greatly improved.
Item No. Capacity Brine Well Size Brine Tank Size Appearance
D*H (MM) D*H (MM)
KY-25 25L / 225*225*460 Square barrel
KY-60 60L 400*400*650
KY-70 70L 370*370*680
KY-100 100L 370*370*895
KY-140 140L 370*370*1085
KY-60 60L Φ100*720 Φ390*810 Conical barrel
KY-100 100L Φ100*840 Φ450*940
KY-145 145L Φ100*950 Φ500*1060
KY-200 200L Φ100*1040 Φ550*1160
KY-350 350L Φ135*1260 Φ740*1275 Conical barrel
KY-500 500L Φ135*1320 Φ840*1335
KY-750 750L Φ135*1380 Φ960*1395
KY-1000 1000L Φ135*1430 Φ1080*1460
KY-1500 1500L Φ135*1550 Φ1240*1575
KY-2000 2000L Φ135*1650 Φ1360*1690

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