8 inch Membrane Pressure Vessel

KEYA StaTec pressure vessels are engineered for Reverse Osmosis systems in a variety of industrial and commercial water treatment applications at pressures up to 1,200 PSI.
By Brother recommended adapter kits, KEYA StaTec pressure vessels can accommodate any standard make 2.5”,4” and 8” membrane filtration elements.

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  • 1) Computer controlled winding machine process
  • 2) Strategic thermocouple positioning
  • 3) Accurate temperature flow curing process
  • 4) UV resistant polyurethane exterior paint finish
  • 5) Strict adherence to ISO process settings
  • 6) High quality pressure vessel solutions are engineered to fit your need.
  • 7) Only reliable raw materials and parts through extremely strict quality control standards are adapted in the manufacturing
  • 8) Experienced and trained engineers have been delivering service installations worldwide.
  • 9) 50 years of experience in FRP pressure vessel engineering, design and manufacturing
  • trouble-free operation
  • 10) minimize down time lost

Winding Process Computer controlled winding machines ensure

  • Stability
  • high precision
  • Optimum placement and positioning.

Curing ProcessThe curing process takes place in highly specialized ovens.

We are one of the few companies using such advanced equipment for curing process in China today.

Precision DrillingWe develop proprietary jigs and fixtures to ensure precise port accuracy and alignment.

Hydrotest ProcessRigorous hydro test process using computer controlled equipment to eliminate leaks.

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