High Flow Filtration Solution From Brother Filter Group Company KEYA Water

High Flow Filtration Solution From Brother Filter Group Company KEYA Water

Postview: 2247       Date:March 17, 2021

KEYA water was born from clients’ voices and market needs. It is a sister company of Brother Filtration, which has served the water treatment market for more than 6 years and exports goods to more than 68 countries. When we hear our clients’ voices and truly know what they need, the KEYA team was born to do it, etc.

Here we would like to introduce our high flow filter+high flow FRP filter housing solution for you.


Design Features

Keya FRP housings are designed for a variety of industry applications. We offer side and end connection models and we also offer custom-designed housing cartered to customer’s engineering specifications.


Why choose this design?

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • FRP housing designed for corrosion resistant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Designed for compact use and small footprint
  • Modular Design


Ease of Use

We’ve eliminated the need for heavy equipment, such as cranes to open vessel doors or removecumber some baskets. Access to the filtration elements requires virtually no tools.

  • Easy-to-remove, tool-less retaining ring
  • Convenient handle on the cover plate
  • Ergonomic handle on the element for easy entry and exit
  • Guided tabs for quick element access and precision alignment


Low Maintenance Costs

Advanced pleated filter material design delivers good filtration efficiency and performance. The increased surface of the media provides longer element life, which means fewer changeouts. Reduced filter consumption results in minimized disposal, operator exposure and downtime.



  • Pretreatment
  • RO Prefiltration
  • Seawater desalination
  • Condensate water filtration
  • Hot water recovery in power generation
  • API, Solvents, and water filtration in the Biopharma market
  • Bottled water filtration
  • High fructose, edible oil, soft drinks and milk
  • Paints and coatings
  • Petrochemical and Refineries

Max flow FRP Cartridge High Flow Filtration Solution

construction materials&accessories

cartridges installation direction


Scarcity of water and renewable water resources is a common concern in all Gulf Countries. But when this scarcity is combined with a rapid expansion cause demand surge, Shortage of water becomes a serious issue. The rapid development of Saudi Arabia necessitated an increase in the availability of freshwater.

Keya was contracted to provide a 600m³/h Seawater Pre-filtration system to protect high-pressure pump and RO membrane, consisting of 3 × 200 m³/h streams, and each stream in one containerized RO Plant.

The contract was award to Keya against competitive commercial and technical biding from both local and international companies, and the Max Flow FRP system was provided to meet the stringent requirements laid down by the employer for the project.


Scope of work

This included the design, supply and maintenance through the 6 months liability period for Pre-filtration system-Max Flow FRP System.


Plant General information

The Plant has the following main features:

  •  Sea water system including: Pre-filtration system cartridge filter, high-pressure pump, seawater reverse osmosis units & dosing system.
  • The plant was designed to treat the seawater of TSS 1.3 ppm &TDS 57000 ppm.
  • Pre-Treatment System: Filtered water is passed through a set of 10-micron cartridge filters followed with 5-micron particle cut-off rate. Such extensive filtration reduces the SDI down of feed water to the reverse osmosis membranes.

desalination plant flow diagram Max flow FRP Cskid System