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KEYA Water is a sister company to Brother Filtration, and is 100% owned by Brother Group. We were founded to supply the best service and cover the full range of our customers’ needs. KEYA Water is mainly a supplier of water treatment spare parts to OEM builders and wholesalers, including RO membranes, UF membranes, control valves, water distributors, UV systems, and more.

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Why choose KEYA water

as your reliable water treatment spare parts partner?

KEYA water

KEYA water is a sister company of Brother Filtration, born to bring last-mile service to our customers.

Brother Filtration has served more than 68 countries and 1000+ clients, getting to know the real needs of our clients and caring about what they care about.

KEYA water

KEYA Water mainly supplies spare parts and membrane products to OEM system companies who need a one-stop supplier.

KEYA Water represents these top brands:

  • NOTRON RO membrane

    NOTRON RO membrane

  • RunXin Control Valve

    RunXin Control Valve

  • Brother Filtration High Flow Filter

    Brother Filtration High Flow Filter